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Tales From The Bridge

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IP Camera Setup
OpenCV Software Prototype
OpenCV Software Prototype

The Illustrious Company invited Hirsch & Mann to collaborate on the interactive piece of their project running on the iconic Millenium Bridge during the London 2012 Olympics.

Synth Pop pioneer Martyn Ware composed a 3D soundscape titled "Tales from the Bridge" based on Mario Petrucci's poetry. The soundscape was dynamically changing based on how many people were on sections of the bridge at any given time

I was responsible for the custom c++ software interfacing with an IP camera overlooking the bridge, the OpenCV based computer vision system which segmented pedestrians outdoors in various lighting conditions and the module outputting MIDI data live to the DAW running the composition. I would like to thank Marek Bereza for his 64-bit OpenFrameworks fork way back then.